Wage and Hour Issues

Standing Up to Employers Who Violate Wage and Hour Laws

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets wage and hour standards for employers throughout the United States, while the California Labor Code creates statewide standards. All employers are expected to comply with the law to ensure that employees receive all of the compensation and benefits they deserve for the work they complete.

Violations of wage and hour laws happen on a regular basis - some are accidental, while others are intentional. Regardless of your employer’s intentions, you have the right to fight against wage and hour issues and to seek the compensation you deserve.

The Eghbali Law Firm is dedicated to representing employees who have their rights violated by employers in California. We only assist employees, and we know how to prove violations to stand up for your rights to back pay and other damages. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Common Wage and Hour Violations

Wage and hour laws address a number of issues, which means your employer can violate the law in many different ways. Some common violations involve:

  • Not paying minimum wage for all hours worked
  • Failing to pay overtime rates
  • Mishandling tips
  • Not providing required meal and rest breaks
  • Expecting off-the-clock work
  • Not providing required pay statement and final paychecks

Any of these violations can cost you money that you earned, as well as deprive you of a safe and healthy work environment. The law provides you with the right to seek wages you are owed, and you might also be entitled to additional damages for certain violations.

The Eghbali Law Firm knows how to fight for your rights under wage and hour laws, and we will always give your case the time and care it deserves. Call us today for a free consultation.