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Experienced Law Firm Fighting for Your Rights in the Workplace

At The Eghbali Law Firm, we know how important your job is to you and your family. When your employer mistreats you or violates your rights under California or federal employment laws, your livelihood might be in jeopardy. It is important to know our firm is ready to advocate for your rights as an employee, and we can help you recover after unlawful treatment at work.

We are here to help give you a voice, ensure that your voice is heard, and you receive the right compensation for your mistreatment.

We cannot erase what has happened to you but I can get you the justice you deserve.

The Right Firm for You

Many people want an attorney who will aggressively fight for their rights, but who also takes an attentive and individualized approach to their case. The Eghbali Law Firm is a boutique law practice with the dedication and drive of a large law firm. While large law firms might treat you like a case number, we make sure each and every client gets the care and time they deserve, including regular updates on their cases. At the same time, we have the resources to handle tough cases and will not back down to large employers.

We understand that what has happened to you is traumatic and this process will awaken a lot of past memories. We are here to make it simple and fair for you because your life this moment has been complicated enough. Give us the opportunity to help make this process simple and fair for you.

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When you call The Eghbali Law Firm, you can consult with a member of our legal team at no cost to determine whether you have a potential case. Speak with a California employment law attorney about your concerns right away.