Fighting for Clients Who Experienced a Hostile Work Environment Due to Sexual Harassment

All forms of sexual harassment in the workplace are against the law, though the most common form is harassment that creates a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment is one that a reasonable person would find difficult or uncomfortable for work. No one should have to deal with a hostile work environment, and it often leads victims of harassment to quit if their employer does nothing to stop the situation.

If you are experiencing a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment, you have the right to stand up and take legal action. You need the right California employment lawyer on your side, so please contact The Eghbali Law Firm for free today.

What Creates a Hostile Work Environment?

Sexual harassment can take many forms, including sexually offensive touching, comments, jokes, pictures, stories, advances, or other conduct from someone you work with. An isolated comment or incident is generally not enough to create a hostile work environment, though it can do so in certain circumstances.

According to the law, a hostile work environment is created by one of the following:

  • Conduct that is persistent over a period of time
  • Isolated conduct that is highly offensive

You should always report incidents of sexual harassment to your employer as soon as possible. There are laws prohibiting your employer from retaliating against you for a complaint, as well as requiring the employer to take necessary action to stop the harassment. If your employer fails to stop the conduct or retaliates against you in any way, you should discuss the matter with our employment lawyers at The Eghbali Law Firm as soon as you can. We can evaluate your situation and stand up for your rights against sexual harassment.